Eyes are windows to soul; latest eye makeup trends in Pakistani Fashion


pakistani eye makeup trend

The makeup on eyes can be applied naturally or for dramatic appeal you can use bold hues of shadows. Trends in eye makeup change the same way it does for clothing, shoes and accessories. If you are novice and had never experimented much eye makeup techniques just because you think that you may end up messing everything then here you will get useful tips. These ravishing eye makeup tips will definitely help to cast a spell.

Spring has blossomed in most parts of the country and now there are bright colors in eye shadows to have entirely new look. Eye makeup plays a vital role especially if you are preparing for an evening party, corporate interview or for a wedding. Makeup for wedding can be done by some makeup artists or stylist but for routine you have to know the must-haves of eye makeup. Given eye makeup tips are latest spring fashion trends in eye makeup which are devised by famous makeup artists and stylists of the industry.

1.       Bold Brows; back in fashion trend again

Bold eye brows are back again in spring 2013 eye makeup trends. For getting the look, brush eye brows downwards so that you can have clear idea about the eye brow shape then fill up the spaces with eye brow pencil in soft brown. This will shape your eye contours properly.

2.       Curled lashes; how many styles to play with?

From inky to curled and combed looks there are many styles to play with eye lashes. You can have beautiful eyes by playing different chic variety by applying white eyeliner.

3.       Floating Eye Makeup; do you want something out of way?

You can apply daring turquoise and green swoops above eye crease. For more daunting look, apply one coat of mascara and this will be totally out of the way.

4.       Eye colors- Turquoise, Vibrant Aqua and Jade

The influence of Mediterranean encircled makeup artists which is more visible in eye makeup. The shades of vibrant aqua, turquoise and jade are mostly the colors of the spring eye makeup. The look isn’t too wild or too bold to carry every day.

5.       Smoldering eyes; looks from 70’s back in 2013 eye makeup trend

Smoldering eyes was the eye makeup from 70’s. To have that look, apply dark brown liner on the outer rims and then apply matching shadow around the lids. To highlight inner corners, add shimmery cream highlighters to corners and to brow bones.

Hence, some of the eye makeup trends are derived from back 70’s and some are experimented. Whatever the inspiration is, the eyes would only look good if they are healthy too.  Pale or yellow eyes will no longer cause impact no matter how tactfully you deal with makeup. Except that factor, all these trends are easy to be carried in routine as they will not over-do your look while keeping you strikingly attractive.


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